Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help, Name my Pickle Dish

I have completed the layout for the quilt top using my UFO pickle dish blocks, but it desperately needs a name of its own. Naming your quilts may sound frivolous but it is so much easier to call them by a name than a lengthy description.

So to prevent me from saying "you know, my quilt with the pickle dish blocks that kind of look like flowers and more half pickle dish blocks on the bottom and the curvy orangish lines with the dots on top and the print leafy looking shapes", please, help me name my quilt!

Now, I will be busy dreaming up borders and quilting designs.


  1. The minute I saw this quilt I thought of "Cleopatra" from the Addams Family. Good use of UFO's.

  2. Like you and Sue, I also see plant-like structures and thought of a Venus Flytrap–wasn't that the kind of plant on which Cleopatra was based? I think so. I love the curvy plant stems (or tendrils or whatever).

    So, how about "Venus (Flytrap) Rising"?

  3. Great suggestions, thanks so much for your input. I can definitely see the venus fly trap connection. Maybe that's what I was dreaming. Hmm, Adams family, I like it.


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