Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blowing Soap Bubbles

In a earlier post, I was sitting with a collection of spare parts. It's fun to look at those spare parts with new eyes and play around arranging new combinations. I started with several circles which I added to an established block. For a daring backdrop, I choose a multi-colored stripe. I machine appliqued the bits and pieces to the center.

This all combined into a lively display of color. Pushing myself still further over the edge, I considered a bold circle print for the the border. The more I looked at it, the more I liked the idea. A little narrow black strip framed the center and temporarily stopped the eye. Then on to the border and a narrow orange (with black dots) binding.

This piece is not the for the timid. It's exuberant with excitement. What I thought of was blowing soap bubbles on a hot summer day.

Blowing Soap Bubbles
26" x 22"
Sharon V. Rotz

Today, consider the parts you have left over. How could they be used? You may even create a solution that is more spectacular than your original project.

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