Monday, April 14, 2014

My World - Real? or Ideal?

In my ideal world, 
on the fourteenth day of April
 my day would be filled with daffodils. 
They would be brightening up my day with their lovely, shining faces.

Daffy in Pink
9" x 11"
Sharon V. Rotz

But, alas! 
This is the real world.
In this year of daffy weather, I awoke to this lovely scene.

A perfect day for January.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ah, I Am Green

The sun is shining, the snow is melting and I have laid aside my brown fabrics. 

A scrap of color has caught my eye.

Not wanting to waste (that is so stuck in my personality), if I have a bit of paint left after working on a project, I use it up on a piece of muslin. Perhaps these muslin pieces are nothing but paint rags or maybe, just maybe, they are the start of something beautiful?

When I pull out one of these painted pieces, I don't feel the pressure to create a masterpiece.
I can play and experiment and there is the thought that I may be able to rescue this bit of nonsense or perhaps, a masterpiece WILL pop out.

Thinking spring, I could see trees coming alive on this mottled ecru fabric. 
I started to add embroidery stitches. 
Will this work? 

The green tree is coming to life but is it still just blending into the background? 
There just isn't much of a value difference.

French knots add texture to the ground.

I finished my Quilter's Tile off with a border and binding of a great dotted print.

Even with a fun fabric in the border, the green tree still didn't stand out. 

Out came the paints.
 I mixed a bit of yellow into my green for a spring green and painted,
not the tree, but a halo of green around the tree.
My tree is now happy basking in the glow. 

Quilter's Tile
"Ah, I Am Green"
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