Monday, September 15, 2014

My Obsession Continues

My Softer Side
©2014 Sharon V. Rotz

Yes, my rickrack box is not empty 
and I am dreaming up more projects to incorporate my bountiful supply.

Feeling my softer side, 
(usually I pick the brightest fabrics)
I've selected a collection of delicate pinks and greens for this quilt.

The blocks are very traditional quarter square triangle blocks made up on a variety of pink prints. These blocks are set off by a sashing of a soft green stripe. 
On the two-part sashing, the rickrack shines as it outlines the melon shapes.

To make the rickrack trimmed shapes, 
I cut the half melon and stitched the rickrack on the outer edge of the right side of the fabric.

The seam allowance was pressed to the back along with the outer half of the rickrack. This left a finished edge that was easy to appliqué to the sashing by stitching in the ditch 
(the line formed by the folded fabric edge and the rickrack).

A melon shape was appliquéd to each sashing half-strip.

 The two sashing strips were then stitched together and added between the blocks. 

Now that my softer side was had a go, 
my bright side wants to give it a try. 

Will I hold back
 or will the next project be knock your socks off bright? 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

ZigZagging All Over

String Breeze
Sharon V. Rotz

As you can see I am on a Rick rack roll. 
There are so many places that I've found to incorporate it into my work.

From Flower edges

  to flower stems

to tucking it into the binding edge.

The pattern for "String Breeze" is 
available here.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Lizard, Then Two, Three, Oh My!

Linda bought a new piece of jewelry, a charming lizard pin. 
Her friend saw it and bought her a second lizard 
and the ball started rolling. 
Now there are lizards on Linda's walls and framing her door. 
She even has a new lizard nightgown.

It seems everyone has a collection. 

Mine seems to be rickrack. 
I started like so many others with a package or two in my sewing studio. 
Then my mother cleaned out her sewing area and gave me a good supply. 

Hoping to use it and not store it, I incorporated it into some projects.

There it is, 
the suggestion that I love rickrack. 
I'm not saying that I don't. 
It has a certain appeal to me.

 But, the ball is now rolling. 

My sister, knowing that I found uses for rickrack gave me a box full.  

Maybe I shouldn't have used any of it, but I did

 and now received a bag full from a friend. 

 It is growing on me. 
Perhaps soon they will be calling me the Queen of Rickrack.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sharing Ideas at Quilt Expo

 I will be sharing ideas for highlighting your quilts 
with fabric bits and pieces. 
If your studio is filled with smaller scraps of fabric, 
rejoice in your good fortune.   

Learn creative paths for using these small treasures in your next quilting masterpiece.  

Ideas for both traditional and art quilts will be discussed.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Designing New Purses

This week I had the fun of working with an upcoming designer, 
young Miss E.... 
We have been working together for several years now 
(actually since before her foot reached the pedal). 

Now she is on her own behind a sewing machine
 and developing quite a talent for putting fabrics together.

She is quite proud of the purse she just finished.
The bag is machine quilted to give it body 
and a serger was used to stitch and finish the seams.

It features a button closure and

an inside pocket.

(Is it a hint that the pocket is just the right size for a cell phone?)

And, here is our designer and busy stitcher modeling her creation.

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