Thursday, September 26, 2013

And the Pendulum Swings Back

I started as a traditional quilter and then ventured into more contemporary art quilts. I've been very happy creating original works but since I found these unfinished blocks, I back at traditional again.

This week, I've been hand quilting on my three blocks. I have decided to finish each one individually.

I have quilting done on this one

and I'm presently working on this one.

Will they soon be done? I really don't think so because they have been crying out for some hand embroidery.

Just because they are already quilted won't stop me from adding more detail to the blocks. I seldom drive in a straight line but love to wander off the path. I have no worries, I will still get there in the end.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Out of the Box and into my Hands

Last week I found a box with the start of appliqued blocks. Of the three blocks I found, this one remained to be finished. Of course, three blocks are better than two so I pulled the extra fabric out of the box and started cutting away. (This is why I packed the fabric away with the blocks so it would be ready to go years later..........and why I find mysterious collections of fabric bagged up in my closet!) 

I completed the flower with a ruched center. I love this method of gathering a fabric strip because it adds so much dimension to a quilt.

A little ruched butterfly, along with a friend, flew into the picture and landed on the top of the block.

Ah, my block is completed. Now I am ready to add some quilting. 
Where did I put those needles?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Treasure Hunting

So, I'm in my fabric closet and jammed on the end between tubs of fabric is a small white box.
 I wonder what is in there?

Out it comes and I open it to find appliqued blocks.

Oh, these are nice. Why didn't I finish this project? What caused me to wander away? In the box is the book with instructions for a large appliqued quilt but only two blocks are completed. Was it too big of a project to keep my interest or did other things crowd in?

A third block is started. Should I fall back to the original plan? The fabrics are there. The threads are there. The patterns are there.

But, on second thought, if I didn't finish it then, would I finish it now?  Maybe I could use the blocks on a smaller version of the large quilt. Or maybe I should just finish them individually and be done.

Do you have hidden treasures buried in your closet?  Happy hunting!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And the Rest of the "Block" Story

You definitely came up with some good suggestions for projects to use the uncovered blocks.  There are always so many ways we can go.  Thank you for your ideas.

And this is the rest of the story of these blocks...................
Actually, these blocks were not in my stash but in a in a box of donated fabric given to our charity quilting group. We are always grateful for the generosity of others and try to make the best use of everything.

We searched through other boxes and found bits and pieces of fabric that could work 
with our blocks to make a quilt top. 
The blocks measured 8"x 8" so we cut our fabrics to that width and............. 

...............came up with this "strippy" quilt top. 

It's amazing how far a few blocks can go. The quilt top ended up twin size. 
We will finish it and it will soon be keeping someone warm at night.

If you are looking for ideas to eat up your scraps,  join me this week in Madison at the 
WI Quilt Expo where I will be presenting "Diet Quilts".  I hope to see you there.

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