Friday, September 20, 2013

Out of the Box and into my Hands

Last week I found a box with the start of appliqued blocks. Of the three blocks I found, this one remained to be finished. Of course, three blocks are better than two so I pulled the extra fabric out of the box and started cutting away. (This is why I packed the fabric away with the blocks so it would be ready to go years later..........and why I find mysterious collections of fabric bagged up in my closet!) 

I completed the flower with a ruched center. I love this method of gathering a fabric strip because it adds so much dimension to a quilt.

A little ruched butterfly, along with a friend, flew into the picture and landed on the top of the block.

Ah, my block is completed. Now I am ready to add some quilting. 
Where did I put those needles?


  1. This is sooooo lovely....glad you unearthed it!!!

  2. It is fun to find a long lost project and get enthused once again. Love the ruching!

  3. Lovely!! The butterflies are a great touch.

  4. I'm with you when it comes to ruching. Those butterflies are fabulous.

  5. Thank you for the positive comments. I've threaded up and working on some hand quilting.


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