Thursday, September 12, 2013

Treasure Hunting

So, I'm in my fabric closet and jammed on the end between tubs of fabric is a small white box.
 I wonder what is in there?

Out it comes and I open it to find appliqued blocks.

Oh, these are nice. Why didn't I finish this project? What caused me to wander away? In the box is the book with instructions for a large appliqued quilt but only two blocks are completed. Was it too big of a project to keep my interest or did other things crowd in?

A third block is started. Should I fall back to the original plan? The fabrics are there. The threads are there. The patterns are there.

But, on second thought, if I didn't finish it then, would I finish it now?  Maybe I could use the blocks on a smaller version of the large quilt. Or maybe I should just finish them individually and be done.

Do you have hidden treasures buried in your closet?  Happy hunting!


  1. They are lovely... Maybe something smaller...

  2. I have one Baltimore Album block done (about 3 years ago) from when I took a class. I think we all have a couple of things we 'forget'.

  3. At this point, I'm also thinking small projects.

  4. They are much too pretty to put back in the box. How about finishing the third one and putting all three into one wall hanging or table runner?


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