Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ah, I Am Green

The sun is shining, the snow is melting and I have laid aside my brown fabrics. 

A scrap of color has caught my eye.

Not wanting to waste (that is so stuck in my personality), if I have a bit of paint left after working on a project, I use it up on a piece of muslin. Perhaps these muslin pieces are nothing but paint rags or maybe, just maybe, they are the start of something beautiful?

When I pull out one of these painted pieces, I don't feel the pressure to create a masterpiece.
I can play and experiment and there is the thought that I may be able to rescue this bit of nonsense or perhaps, a masterpiece WILL pop out.

Thinking spring, I could see trees coming alive on this mottled ecru fabric. 
I started to add embroidery stitches. 
Will this work? 

The green tree is coming to life but is it still just blending into the background? 
There just isn't much of a value difference.

French knots add texture to the ground.

I finished my Quilter's Tile off with a border and binding of a great dotted print.

Even with a fun fabric in the border, the green tree still didn't stand out. 

Out came the paints.
 I mixed a bit of yellow into my green for a spring green and painted,
not the tree, but a halo of green around the tree.
My tree is now happy basking in the glow. 

Quilter's Tile
"Ah, I Am Green"

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