Thursday, June 10, 2010

One old, One new, and One all blue

Picking fabrics for my quilts is always an exciting time for me. I love the colors, the fabrics designs and, just face it, I love touching all that fabric. Fabric just attracts people and we just want to run our hands over it. (Maybe that's why we can't resist those bolts of fabric in the quilt shop and all too soon we are carrying around as many as we can lift.)

My final selections are made. One is an old favorite, just a scrap left. One is new, well, new as in never cut into but well-seasoned in my stash. The third fabric is just blue, a deep, rich shade. I wish I had more of this one!

My sheer dragonflies seem to feel at home. They have jumped on and will look fine swooping across the surface. And I'm thinking of what added touches could make this piece complete.

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