Sunday, June 20, 2010

With Dad in Mind

Mowing Around the Violet Patch
8" x 8"
Sharon V. Rotz

With my small sample of machine feather stitching in hand, I thought of using it for inspiration and finishing it into another "tile" quilt. My thoughts came back to my dad mowing around the violets. (previous post 6/17/10 - field work)

Since we are all thinking of our fathers this weekend, I decided to re-create that wild violet patch that he so lovingly mowed around because he couldn't destroy the beauty of it.

Silk ribbon embroidery became the skill of the day. Boy, I haven't done this is so long. I do enjoy hand work but found myself a little rusty. Guess that would be expected (the rusty part), since I'm older now! (Sorry about that, my mind often wanders into the world of corny humor.)

I had a peaceful and soothing afternoon making little violets using silk ribbons and adding 'grass' from silk thread. Thinking of you, Dad!


  1. I love your work! Check out to see your quilt showcased.

  2. What a beautiful symbolic piece. I love the silk ribbon additions- so much more depth than plain thread!

  3. This piece is very beautiful. I love the peacefulness of the greens.


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