Friday, June 11, 2010

Dragons Aplenty and Not a Damsel in Flight

Dragons Aplenty
18" x 18"
Sharon V. Rotz

Choosing three fine fabrics is only the start of the background. Each would get a special treatment to make that fabric shine. The subject matter draws your interest but the details hook you and stop you for a second look.

The dragonflies are definitely eye catching, more so in person, when you can see how they pop off the surface of the quilts. But, they are not the only show in town. Each fabric has developed its own personality to keep your attention.

The lovely lighter blue fabric has branches and shadows and delightful small white berries. This is my "new" fabric and while it truly is a favorite by itself, could it not be improved with a touch of small pearls added to it? I chose not to hand stitch a pearl to each berry but to keep them in a cluster in the lower center.

The deep blue is enhanced by hand stitching using pearl cotton thread. This thread is a little heavier and adds dimension and relief to the center strip of the quilt. In the right section, rows of tiny seed beads climb up echoing the flight of the dragonflies.

The combination of machine work and hand work is a plan that keeps me interested in the project. There is speed and there are moments of contemplation, both serve to keep me balanced.


  1. Great job ... I love how they "fly" off the quilt! Very impressive.
    Angie -


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