Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Highway or Scenic Country Lane

Pickle Dish
38" x 52"
Sharon V. Rotz

Which is path are you taking as you are working on your current quilting project? Are you zooming down that super highway, with the fastest time ever from start to completion of your quilt. I know I have made numerous quilts with my blinders on, focused entirely on finishing the project.

My current project is using some pickle dish blocks in an art quilt. As you see from the previous posts, this project is going slower with plenty of scenic side trips. Along the way, I've found some interesting machine stitches, I will incorporate in my project. Tomorrow may bring more side trips as I explore further.

Here is a photo of my previous pickle dish, it will be fun to see how different my new composition will be. Stay tuned.

Question of the day: Are you that totally focused, get things done person or are you happily meandering through your quilting day?

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