Thursday, June 24, 2010

What are You Doing while You're Asleep?

You hop into bed. You cover up your head and you are off to a few hours of deep restful sleep.

Then things start happening. Little brain cells start firing, ideas start popping and soon there is a party going on in your head. Your subconscious starts designing quilt blocks and they are flying around and flowing into fantasy quilts. Quilts so good that they would get world-wide acclaim. The only problem is that they disappear before the sun comes up and we spend the day in vain trying to remember them.

Of course, there is the notion that we could capture these fantastic quilts if we awaken in the night and immediately sketch our idea. One night, I saw a plan for my pickle dish block and went into action. The next morning I realized that, boy, I sure can't draw in the middle of the night when I only half awake, without my glasses on and in the dim illumination of a nightlight. Of course, my night-time sketch was nothing like the quilt that zoomed through my head.

In the light of day, ideas did start to roll around and I came up with this plan for my pickle dish blocks. What do you think? Are there possibilities?


  1. Great post! That semi-conscious, creative state is the most productive ever! I am looking forward to your next post!


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