Friday, June 18, 2010

New Idea for an old UFO

My good friend, Chris Lynn Kirsch, just started a wonderful new blog. She has been speaking of UFOs, all those unfinished projects we have been storing. It just fits into my thoughts because I am presenting challenging myself to use these bits of blocks in a new way. The traditional block is called pickle dish and I taught this several years ago.

Armed with many paper pieces all ready to stitch, fabric gathered and stored is a nice little plastic box (for how many years?), I now feel the time has come to move on with the project. I haven't paper pieced for a while but fell right into it again and remember how I love those precise points.

Where do you think I should go with this project? Add your comments and come back to see how things progress. Meanwhile, check out how Chris is working to complete her UFO pile.

1 comment:

  1. Whatever you decide to make from these blocks will be fabulous! This is a pattern that has been tugging on me for a while. I'll be very interested in seeing where you take this!


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