Saturday, June 19, 2010

Looking at Stitching Options

In my lifetime, I've sewed on six sewing machines and I've probably only used about six different stitches and that includes buttonholes and stretch stitches that I used for garment construction, not quilting. On my present machine there are over three hundred stitches to choose from and I go back to the same few stitches. Of course, the workhorse is the straight stitch, followed by the zigzag. But, what about some of those other options?

As I am preparing to work on my 'pickle dish' quilt, I'm motivated to find ways to incorporate new stitches. As I was preparing to try some applique ideas, instead of the satin stitch or the blanket stitch, I tried stitching a sample with the feather stitch.

Hmmm, could this be that stem that isn't smooth, but full of little pokies? What do you think? Do you have a favorite stitch that lends a different look to your quilts?


  1. I know what your talking about!! LOL!! I am the same here with my sewing machine .I haven't even started to use all of my stitches but I am glad you brought this up I may need to try other stitches too.......

  2. Jane Sassaman uses different stitches for effect in quilting her wonderful quilts and opened my eyes t the idea. I love the your use of the feather stitch.


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