Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Machine Stitched Applique

As I am working on ideas for using my pickle dish blocks in a quilt, I was playing with appliqued stems. In a continued effort to make use of more stitches on my sewing machine, I tried this stitch. It certainly gave a new dimension to the applique. I couldn't see it repeated on both sides of the appliqued stem so I finished it off with two rows of straight stitching on the second side. The thread is a variegated Sulky rayon.

I think I have a winner here. Ah, it feels so good to stretch myself out. I must be up to ten stitches now. Way more than the number of sewing machines I've had. (refer back to to 6/19 - Looking at Stitching Options)

Have you tried a new stitch today or have you found a favorite stitch on your machine? Please, share your thoughts.


  1. that stitch makes a very effective showing on the stem! Have you ever tried a 'feather' type stitch for rose stems -- makes them look thorny. :)


  2. HO! Looking at your previous posts, you have tried that feather stitching :)

    What kind of machine are you sewing on now? My Bernina 1090 doesn't have the stepped satin stitch you were sewing. It's 18 years old, so a lot of new stitches have come down the (sewing machine) pike since it was made. (grin)

    :) Linda

  3. I realized that I should have mentioned the machine I am working on, so I am glad that you asked. I am using a Pfaff 2056. The stitch is listed as a quilting stitch #86.


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