Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going from sketchbook to quilt involves trying techniques which may be new. It seems like I never get over the learning curve. I'm always attempting something a little different than I've done before.

I had a sketch of a dragonfly that I wanted to create in fabric and thread. I chose a wonderful silver metallic thread that would add sparkle to the dragonfly. I traced the dragonfly unto the water-soluble stabilizer with a Sharpie permanent marker. I tried thread painting (or free motion stitching) on the stabilizer but obviously this was the wrong plan. It just shriveled up and chewed up the stabilizer.

Second plan: I found a sheer blue left from my daughter's wedding (the bridesmaids looked lovely in blue). I re-sandwiched with the blue sheer over the stabilizer and am trying again.
Let's see if this works.

Any suggestions?

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