Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tip for the Day

Sewing, pressing, sewing, pressing, working on so many new ideas. Then comes the time when we have to leave the area. After I leave, my mind always flashes back. Did I turn off my iron? Am I going to forget it and the house burns down? (And, all of my lovely quilts burn up!)

To solve the problem, I have plugged my iron into an electric power strip. Along with this, I plugged in a floor lamp which I always leave turned on. Having the extra light at my pressing surface is wonderful. The real benefit is that when I leave, I turn off the power strip, the light goes off and I know my iron is also turned off. One last check as I exit, all lights are off and my studio will be here tomorrow.

Do you have any handy (quilt saving) hints to share?

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