Thursday, July 15, 2010

What does a quilter do when the lights go out?

Each day we happily play around in our studios, merrily sewing, pressing and quilting. But what happens on the day that the lights go out?

Yesterday, I was actually motivated to machine quilt on my pickle dish quilt. Yes, the one that I have been avoiding. Things were going along, each little section was another section done, when a thunder storm rolls in and the electricity goes out. Power failure!

At that moment, I realized how entirely dependent I am. Of course, the sewing machine doesn't work, and the iron doesn't work. Hand work jumps to mind, but there were no working lights in my studio and the skies were so dark I could barely see.

You may think its a perfect time to sit out on the porch with the raspberry lemonade and watch the storm. I couldn't make any. The refrigerator was dark and we had no water. (We live in the country and need electricity to pump water from a well.) What is a quilter to do?


  1. That's why every quilter should have an old treadle sewing machine! (I don't though.) I'm pretty fortunate because my husband has several generators and if the power goes out for a while he hooks one to our water pump and one to the line that keeps our fridge and freezer running. That line also is the one that keeps my sewing machine on. :)

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  3. Oops, apparently I hit the wrong button and removed my comment. Trying again.

    Gee, I thought power failures only occurred in the northwoods of Wisconsin. (and apparently in my brain!!)


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