Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finished or Not?

When is a project truly finished? When the top is completed? When it is quilted? When the binding is attached?

I was looking at this "finished" quilt hanging on my wall. (I really think I was trying to avoid working on the quilting for my pickle dish quilt. But that's entirely another issue!!)

It seemed to be missing something, some little detail. It was crying out for just a bit more. Yellow beads popped into my head, little bits of color that would mimic the yellow berries of the quilt fabric. A trip to the closest bead shop and now I am home with yellow beads to add to the border. (See how well I am avoiding finishing my quilting.)

Now, I am busy adding beads. How do they look? And, I just realized that instead of one unfinished project, I now have two.

I guess if I'm a work in progress, and I certainly am, my quilts can be too!

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