Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Nest

Maybe I've been influenced by the birds that have nested on an outdoor light fixture. Each day we check "our" babies, since we can now see little heads sticking up. The adult Phoebes are perched nearby and keep a watchful eye as I go in and out of the door.

The Nest
8" x 8"
Sharon V. Rotz

The more I thought about how to use my fabric beads, I kept seeing them in a nest. Resisting this idea, I tried to come up with other options. Why do we always fight that first thought? How often do we circle back to it, finally realizing it was the best idea after all? Do you have a project that you are resisting, or looking at multiple options?

I finally gave in to my first impulse and here the fabric beads are settled in a nest of wool. For the background, I used heavy coat weight wool scraps, overlaying and stitching them to form a circular shape. Because of the thickness of the wool, I didn't have to add batting or even a backing to this small art work. I can make more fabric beads and create more projects, but today I am happy that I've "nested".

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