Thursday, July 29, 2010

A bright new day

Tall Pines
12" x 27"
Sharon V. Rotz

On this bright and sunny morning, the birds are singing for the tops of the trees. They can't hold in their joy and I enjoyed their song as I walked along.

I thought I would share this wallhanging with you today because it expresses a view of my tall pines. They seem so tall in relationship with the surrounding trees and the bird perched at the tip must feel like he is on top of the world.

For the quilt, I fused strips of fabric on the background for the trunk and then cut small squares for the suggestion of the leaves or pine needles. Some of the squares are fused and some are not providing a play of texture.

I really enjoyed quilting this piece adding both vertical line and horizontal lines and filling in with the fans shapes meandering through the space.


  1. Very nice texture and pattern! I love the square shapes--reminds me of painting with a "bright" brush; and thank you for the close up shot of the quilting patterns. I really like the "swirly" ones. They could be plants, clouds, or whatever the viewer wants them to be...

  2. This is very nice.. I like the clean lines and then the texture of the quilting.. Wish I was up north right now hanging out in the woods..


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