Friday, May 28, 2010

Terminate, cut up and discard the remains

Doesn't that sound like the plot of murder investigation? Sor
ry, I couldn't resist!

Now that I have terminated my 5 bags of fabric from my quilting world, they really haven't quite left yet. They have merely moved from my stash into the stash of our quilting group (part of which is stored at my house).

Our quilting group uses donated cotton fabrics to construct utilitarian quilts that we donate to local organizations. As we work on these quilts, I found we commonly used the fat quarter size or larger pieces. The smaller pieces which were oddly shaped were just being pushed aside and ignored and thus forever stored in my basement.

One day, I grabbed a bag of scraps and started pressing them and cutting them into squares. I made piles of 3", 4", 5", 6" squares, whatever I could manage to cut out of the piece. (Actually, I like cutting so this turned into an enjoyable time.)
Now instead of tangled up, raveling scraps, we had organized piles to work with. Amazingly, the fabrics disappeared, emerging into colorful scrap quilts.

So this brings me back to today. My project is to cut up my terminated fabrics (and try not to sneak any back into my stash) and discard the remains.

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  1. Sharon, You have such a humorous command of the English language. I'm inspired to terminate a few UFO's. Love your blog!


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