Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trying stitches

What can my sewing machine really do? I know that I use my sewing machine at its very minimum. Even though I don't have the embroidery features that many of you have on your machines, I do have a multitude of stitches that I never use. (And this goes back to every machine that I owned, well, except for my first machine that only did a straight stitch and a zigzag.)

Why do I have all these features if I never explore them? I could go back to my first machine, HA!

In an attempt to overcome my deficiencies, I tried some new stitches. This could be fun. Why would you want to use it right out of the box (that is, as it was designed to be used) when you have the option of making changes? After trying a few stitches at their default settings, I found one I could use at a free motion setting and make lovely swirls. This stitch has some possibilities. Maybe I could combine it with those left over color explosion bits and pieces.

I'll let the ideas swirl around in my head and see what flies out. Have you successfully (or not successfully) tried new stitches? What works for you?

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