Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am up to the point of searching through my fabrics for a border option. I pulled out a colorful batik fabric which reflected the purples and yellows of the background. This could be a perfect solution to enhance the quilt. Unfortunately, no matter how well it matched, the batik was too powerful to use on all four sides as borders but it did add a lot when used only on the bottom of the quilt.

There are times when we may become too attached to a fabric that we love. The batik is so wonderful, it is hard not to overuse it. A bit will serve the purpose. I will force myself to use it correctly for the quilt and save the remainder for another day. (Unable to be ignored, the batik did push itself into the main part of the quilt. Small squares were added to the brown squares in the ground.)

Now on to the quest of finding the best border solution.

Remember to send your choices for names for "Untitled". Every quilt wants a name.

I'll be looking for your ideas.

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