Monday, May 24, 2010

Still Untitled

Bordering the quilt is the finishing touch for the quilt top. Additional hand-dyed silk, the same as was used for leaves, seemed to add color without taking away from the center of the quilt. The dark brown helped to enclose and finish the look. Because the light is coming from behind the trees, the dark border is perfect. To me, it is the vision of first light as I awaken.

Now it is time to prepare for the true glory of a quilted piece and that, of course, is the quilting itself. I have the edges pinned and have fused the batting to the quilt top and backing. (I am using Fusi-boo, a fusible cotton/bamboo batting for this project.) Even though the batting is fused in place, I found that it is still a good choice to hand-baste the edge of the quilt to keep the layers straight and in place.

Now to awaken the piece with quilting.


  1. How about "Awaken"? That word popped out to me twice while reading your blog today.

  2. I really like seeing the progression of your quilted piece as a work in progress over several posts. We both work in layers, using different media. I use paint, you use fabric! ValB


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