Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Creative Moment

When you walk into your studio what ideas speed through your mind? Do you have a project in mind and that is your only focus?

There are times when I am entirely focused on a project. There are times when deadlines are near and rapid progress is in order.

Yesterday was not one of those days. I walked into my studio with no great agenda. As I started straightening bits and pieces, I was drawn into a wonderful world of spontaneous creativity. Remainders of another project became trees. A multicolored fabric became an early morning sunrise behind those trees. Lace became the ground. In just a few minutes, a quilt starts to appear.

Now a time of reflection, in what direction will I be pulled? What details will enhance this basic skeleton of a design?

Where would you go?

Let your mind wander and open it to all ideas. Look around for creative opportunities and unique applications. Are you casually tossing aside the beginnings of your greatest works?

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