Thursday, May 13, 2010

Color Explosion 2

Looking through an old copy of American Quilter, I read an article about the art quilts of Sandi Cummings. I thought it would be fun to try to make a quilt loosely based on her technique as described in the article. After the first step, cut two rectangles 11" x 13", I found I was already deviating from the part. But "reading the pictures" I followed the general idea and had a lot of fun creating this piece.

Choosing the fabrics took the most time. Of course, I found myself auditioning a great number of fabrics from my stash. Then came the point of only selecting a few of those fabrics. I realize that some of you may think there are a lot of different fabrics in this piece but to me there are only a few. I love scrap quilts and I do incorporate a vast number of different fabrics in most of my work.

I have the quilt pinned together and ready to quilt on this rainy day in May. Isn't it wonderful that we have our fabric to bring in the sunshine when the skies are gray?

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