Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to Do with the Hole in my Star?

While I had my head in the closet, searching and cleaning, I discovered an unfinished project.  Surprise! Surprise!  Please, tell me you have one hiding in your closet as well.

My project was wrapped up in a bag with assorted fabric to finish it right there. Easy task, right? Roll it out, do a little pressing and I'm on my way.

I remember there was a book on adding applique to a pieced project that I thought was a most creative idea. Mmmm......who was the author? Jinny Beyer, perhaps? Obviously, this was the start of a project with applique done in the center of the star. I see the plan was to add more applique around the points. Two sections are pinned on. There are also two outer corners ready to go.  

No problem, I'll just cut two additional sections for the points, or maybe 6 to go between each of the remaining points. Then I'll find two more outer corners and I'll be ready to sit down and applique.

Unwrapping and sorting the additional fabric, I found one flaw in this great plan. There is extra yardage of all the fabrics, except the one that I needed, the one that was used for the applique. Was there more but somehow it wandered into another project? (yes, you know how that occasionally happens) Or wasn't there ever enough and that was why the project was tucked away?

What do I do now?  Try to come up with another solution or abandon the project entirely? What if I took the applique off? After all, only the center was attached so far. Quick decision was made, yes, that's what I will do.

Well........ until I turned the quilt top over and looked at the back.

I had neatly trimmed away the fabric under the applique. I'm sure it was to eliminate the bulk in the center of the star. Well, that certainly "eliminated" my quick and easy resolution to finishing this project.
Now what do I do?

Do you have any helpful suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Round File it. Move on. Set yourself free from little clutching time-sucking hands like this. Not every block we make needs to be a quilt.

    Fling it. Don't forget to fold the fabric bits neatly and reinsert them in your stash.


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