Monday, March 14, 2011

Reduced to Strings

Now my scraps have been reduced but there are still some left and I still love the bright colors. So, one more project is in my future.

Only narrow pieces, oddly shaped, strings of fabric. Perfect for string piecing. Obviously, I have stars on my brain so a star shape it will be.

The first step is to cut out muslin diamonds as a foundation for the strings. Then on to the fun part of selecting each fabric and stitching it on to cover the foundation. A little trimming and I have one point of my star.

Seven more points and I have a star. As I'm laying them out, I play with the arrangement, of course. The trouble (or really the beauty) of random is that it is just that. No amount of arranging and rearranging will really make a difference. Enjoy it as it happens.

I can't wait to stitch my star together but I have yet to decide on a background fabric. Should I use white as I've done on the previous projects?  I did really like the look. Or, should I choose a different color? How about blue? What do you think? Which would you choose?

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