Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scrap Play

Spilling Over- Color and Pattern
8" x 8"
Sharon V. Rotz

Gathering my scraps, I decided it was time of a bit of play. First, strings of fabric were randomly stitched together. This, of course, is liberating fun -- no seam allowance concern, no matching, no pattern arrangement -- anything goes. Pressed and trimmed when necessary to keep things flat.

After I had an 8" square, it was time for embellishing. I added shiny candy wrappers after taking a moment to relax and enjoy the candy. Only then did I decide to divide my project into three sections with the addition of a narrow strip of navy. No plan, just playing.

A strip of narrow ribbon, curling off the spool, was draped across the fabric. It was definitely more interesting left curled, instead of when it was straighten. So curled it went on.

What next? Digging in my thread box, orange embroidery thread popped up. Perfect for some of my favorite candlewicking knots. (Candlewicking knots are similar to french knots but looped in figure eight fashion around the needle and pulled through. They give a heavier look then a single french knot.)

For the binding, again I had fun using three fabrics adding different colors to finish the piece. A fast, easy project. A perfect distraction for the day.

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