Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just like you, I cannot always be sitting in front of my machine. (If I were forced to, wouldn't it become a job instead of a pleasure?)

But, doodling can be done when and where ever we might be. All we need is a scrap of paper and a pen or pencil. I find myself doodling when I'm on the phone, waiting for an appointment or during the commercials of my favorite television show.

It's a great relaxing technique to forget, momentarily, the problems of the day. Or, it may be something for your hands to do as you are mentally solving the problems of the day.

I've found I can easily get lost in a doodle and find it hard to put away. I've also found these silly little sketches stimulate me and maybe some day a doodles may turn into a quilting idea. I am playing with design, pattern, and value; all those art principles that can improve my quilts.

This zen-doodle was done in my sketchbook with a permanent marker pen (no second chances, no going back). For me the first lines are easy. What I fill in between those lines is the fun and creative challenge. It's a little piece of paper. If I like it, I can keep it.  If not, no problem.

Is there a quilting idea hiding in there somewhere or should I add it to the paper recycling box?


  1. Keep it, Keep it. What fun. I have a doodle from 1985. Apparently I should do it more. Several quilting teachers I've spoken with later encourage 1/2 to 1 hour a day of doodling, on paper or by machine. What a way to get good.

  2. I think I'm hooked on these little drawings. Subconsciously, new ideas pop out that I can build upon later.


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