Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bang, Hit the Nail on the Head

I love Sharyn's comment about moving on. Yes, every project that we start does not have to be finished. We can certainly learn lessons along the way and benefit from a start that isn't completed. A smart, logical person would look at this as a lesson learned and get on with their life.


Just as there are animal rescuer's (my sister), there are crazy, insane quilt rescuers (me). I look at this start as a quilt to be rescued. After pressing, I unpinning the pieces from around the edge. By the way, what a bad idea to leave pins in stored work for rust spots are sure to be part of your future. I was lucky not to have found any. This doesn't look too bad, I still like the fabrics and I have plenty of my favorite, the deep purple Hoffman print.

The little gears in my head are starting to turn. And they are beginning to gather speed. What if I took my few corner applique pieces and placed them like this?

Or like this?

More applique from another fabric? Borders?? So many options to be explored. What comes next? And, there still is that circular file if all else fails.


  1. I like the last one - the dark purple edges pull your eyes toward the block.

  2. Yes, I like that also. Of course, it may change when I get some borders added on.


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