Monday, March 7, 2011

Distracted and Pulled in by the Brights

While I am pondering and plotting what to do with my star quilt, I'm distracted by another collection of scraps that popped up.

In a previous post, I showed the pillows that I made from the remnants of my serged 13's a Charm quilt.

I've been sucked in by the bright colors and now I've found more of the fabric. What can I make now? Can I keep thinking up more projects until I have no fabric left?  What a fun challenge!

There is a pile of serged strip ends. These were left when the triangles were cut for 13's a Charm.

Obviously, they are not big enough to cut more triangles. Or are they? What about a smaller triangle that could be used for half square triangles combined with muslin?

Now there are so many optionals, where do we go from here? What is your favorite block or quilt made from half square triangle blocks?

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