Friday, March 11, 2011

From Strips to Stars

Some of my favorite quilts are star quilts. After some thought, I chose to arrange my half square triangle blocks in a star shape. Immediately, I realized that I would need points and reverse points to keep the strips all going in the same direction. (No, you can't just turn them.) Some days, a little playing before we plunge in and make all of the blocks is a good thing.

Also the center blocks will combine two stripped triangles rather than a stripped triangle and a muslin triangle. Because the strips were random widths the seams are not meant to match. Ha, ha, no stress.

And here we go, arranging the blocks into a star pattern. Because the muslin is light and the seams are more likely to show through, I pressed the seam allowances toward the colored sections as much as possible.  

At this point, we always have to play with the block arrangement to try to get the best coloring distribution. Let's face it, it's impossible to improve it. Too many colors, too many fabric combinations. Let it flow and enjoy it as it happens.

My completed star

Have a little fabric left. What comes next?

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