Friday, April 1, 2011

White is Right, Then Why Blue?

Previously, I was working on a string pieced star and choosing the best color for the background.  The white seemed to be the most appropriate choice. (How can I say that?  Is there ever a right choice, or only different choices?) The white did match other projects I have made with the same fabrics and it did offer a crisp look that I liked.

Does that explain why I decided to go with the blue background fabric instead? I knew the white would work and look wonderful. But would the blue work as well? The only way I could tell for sure would be to give it a try. So, into the pond I jumped.

As you can see, I had enough fabric to make a smaller star and add squares to the borders. This became an interesting challenge to piece, but a little planning and measuring was all that was needed to fit the pieces together. It became a jig-saw puzzle to be slowly worked out one step at a time.

I think the blue does work. I have enough blue for the binding which I think will finish this fun piece with just the right touch.

Have you tried a color just to experiment with a different look?  Were you happy that you did?

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