Thursday, April 7, 2011

Threading You Along

I have not pre-marked my quilt top with quilting designs prior to basting. Actually, this would not have worked well since most marking tools tend to heat set and I would have done just that when I fused my sandwich together.

I now need to make my final decisions on choice to thread and quilting design. First, let's look at thread choices. I went through my thread and found these two options.

The multicolor cotton thread certainly picks up all the colors that are in the quilt top. Because the color changes as I stitch, I've noticed that can be a good thing if my line is a bit shakey or otherwise less than perfect.  The multicolored thread also adds more variety to my quilt.

On the other hand, the solid yellow rayon thread will show more with a crisp, sharp line.  It will lend continuity to the quilting.  It is also the thread that I used for the previous projects with these fabrics. But, I have changed the background color in this project, should I also change the thread color?

What do you see? Should I go with the excitement and movement of the multicolored thread or the crispness of the solid? There are those larger areas of solid blue to fill in. Does the quilt need more action with the quilting or is there already enough going on?

Questions, questions, questions! Enough thoughts and decision-making for one day, tomorrow we'll move on to the quilting design.

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