Monday, April 4, 2011

Sticking Together and Ready to Go

It's time to get my star quilt layered with batting and backing for quilting. I'm using a piece of  Fusiboo bamboo blend batting. I found that it does fuse nicely to the quilt top and backing. After pressing the top, I turned my sandwich over, adjusted and repressed the back so there would not be any folds or pleats of fabric to quilt into the back.  That would certainly spoil a sunny day.  The quilt sandwich is a little stiff but I don't feel that will be a problem on this small project.

The extra step I am taking is to hand baste around the entire edge of the quilt sandwich. I know the fusible batting is holding nicely at this stage but by the time I maneuver the quilt several times under the needle of my sewing machine the fusing is likely to start pulling apart. I also find that any seams on the edge of the quilt top are also stressed during quilting and may pull apart. The simple act of basting around the quilt solves the problem and keeps everything secure and in place.

Have you tried a fusible batting for your quilting? How did it work for you? 

1 comment:

  1. I tried fusible batting on a larger quilt when it first came out. I guess it's time to try again. It's probably great for small pieces. I like the idea of basting the edges. Thanks Sharon!


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