Friday, April 29, 2011

Calico is Back!

Calico, it is. And calico is perfect.

I've found that I have a soft spot for calico.

Well, no, this isn't the front of the quilt. You've seen the front in my last post and you know there are string pieced stars on the front.

O.K. so I should have titled this "Calico is on the Back".

Nothing can compare with the quilt fabric offerings we have today. The designs are fantastic and the colors are rich and complex compared to the simple designs of older calicos. But for a backing, calico ranks right up there. It blends in and doesn't offend the quilt front by competing with it. The small bits of color help us hide irregular stitching and tiny knots.

I found this piece in my stash and its the perfect backing. I even love the combination of the fabric and the quilting motifs.

What's on the back of your latest quilt?

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