Friday, April 8, 2011

Pondering Sketchy Quilting

How to quilt a project is always thought provoking. Should we follow the design by stitching in the ditch? Should we complement the design with quilting? Or should we go off in a different direction and quilt a design that has no relationship to the piecing of the quilt?

I have quilted stars with traditional design motifs in the past and it would be a comfortable choice to go that route again. Quilting an overall quilting design would push me in a new direction and help me grow as a quilter. (As opposed to eating all the Dove chocolate candies so I can use the metallic wrappers in my quilt, helps me grow as a quilter! But, that's another story.)

Back to quilting designs. I've been doodling in my little sketchbook and it's a good time to refer back to it for ideas. I've found these two designs that may have possibilities.

Both of these designs have flowing, curving lines that would be a compliment to the straight lines of my stars. Would one of these be the perfect choice or should I keep drawing?

1 comment:

  1. I like the curvy, lacy feel of the daisy design and I'm leaning towards the variegated thread :-)


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