Sunday, February 27, 2011

Found It, Found It

I knew it was there someplace. After all, how could it disappear? It's not like it could leave, you know. I just had to keep digging and I would find it.

I had two rooms and the hallway full of boxes, and bags and miscellaneous piles when I finally saw it in sight. There it was.

The back of the closet.

What I didn't find was the unfinished project that I was hoping to find along the way. I did find other projects which may distract me as ideas start popping into my head. Some reorganization was definitely in order.  What will I finish?  Should I save this? What should I do with that? 

I found ten perfectly good pair of jeans that I was once going to make a jacket or several jackets from considering the amount saved. I no longer find this idea as appealing as I once did so tomorrow, the jeans are going to Goodwill. Hopefully, someone else can use them and I will have new space in my closet.

What led to the closet search and cleaning? Well, I was looking for that project (a pillow, no less). Did I discover it in my search for the back of the closet? No. But there are more boxes and corners I can search.............

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