Saturday, February 5, 2011

Piling Pillows Higher and Higher

Making a pillow can be a small experiment with creativity. Perhaps, you want to try a technique without working on a grand project.

I love crazy quilts but never have the time or enough of the fabrics, the velvets and silks, to make a large quilt. Making a crazy quilt pillow was the solution for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the patchwork and the hand embroidery stitching. I have my small pillow completed but I'm still dreaming of that large crazy quilt I will make someday in the future.

Sunshine and warm summer days, these are the ideas that came to mind when I saw this gay sunflower fabric. Why not decorate with a giant sunflower and bring the summer day inside my home? This pillow became the star with a cast of "Sunflower Cube" pillows and of course, a wall quilt to match. My, did I really work backward, making the pillows first and then the quilt? Instructions for this project are in my book, Quilting Through the Seasons.

As you can see the pillow pile is reaching ever upward. 


  1. Love the sunflower! They are all wonderful! You are a pillow making machine Sharon!

  2. I love both of these pillows. What a great way to have something finished quickly!


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