Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sketching with Fabric

Touching pencil and paper is certainly the approved method of sketching, but could sketching be done with fabric instead?

For me, it's fun touching and playing with the elements of my design.  Here I have spare triangles left from another project, some sections of dryer sheets that I painted with Dye-na-Flow paints and some Dove metallic candy wrappers that are cut or formed into circles.

How can these be arranged into a pleasing composition?  Are the parts too different?  Will they work together? I'm pushing myself to experiment with various elements. Outside of the box? Or just starting to push and shove and break down the edges of that box to make room for expansion?

What will come from this? Will I go forward or will I squash it all back in the box and sit on the top?

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