Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Fabric Sketch to Quilted Project

Things were shaping up with my design and I decided to transfer the elements onto white fabric because I liked the sharp contrast with my white table where I was working. Working on another color would completely change the colors of the translucent dryer sheet sections. This could be very dramatic in another project, but not today.

After positioning the elements with basting glue and a few pins, I layered the quilt top to the batting and backing. Appliquing (That term doesn't flash into my head when looking at this, but isn't it?) and quilting will be done in one step as I secure the pieces with my quilting stitches.

Some of the threads chosen for the quilting were wonderful shiny and sparkly metallic threads. These can be troublesome and lead to hair-pulling trauma when we are fighting with breaking threads. Liz Kettle offers great tips for using metallic threads on the Quilting Arts blog. I tackled my project and smiled as I finished the quilting.

Now what's next? Will I finish with a traditional binding? Or is there another option hiding out there, just waiting to be tried?

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