Friday, February 4, 2011

And the Pillow Pile Grows

Do you have left over triangles from your project? 

Here are two options for using them to make decorator pillows to match your quilt. After making large flying geese blocks, I had flannel triangles that I cut from the corners. I pieced these together and cut them to size to fit a common pillow form (14" and 18"). These new triangle blocks can surround a large square or be set triangle block to triangle block as in the second example. 

For this pillow, I added a narrow strip of fabric around the triangles to achieve the size I needed for the pillow form.  This narrow strip also gave the illusion of a binding with less work.

For my third flannel pillow (scraps from a different quilt), I chose to try a pillow with a bit more character. I paired the triangles with the wrong sides together, top stitched the 90 degree corner and trimmed with pinking shears. I tucked these three dimensional triangles into seams on my pillow top and along the  long edges of the pillow. Instantly, a pillow with a jazzed up personality.

The pillow pile continues to grow. How high will we get?

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