Friday, February 11, 2011

Pillows, Pillows, Over the Top

How could I NOT include a serged pillow in my pillow collection?  Although I have more, these favorites lead the way.  Could it be that I just can't resist the bright colors and exciting fabric designs? You can be the judge.

After finishing my quilt "Thirteen's a Charm", included in Serge and Merge Quilts, I fortunately had a few pieces left over. Since this quilt is one of my very favorites, I wanted to add to its splendor by accenting it with pillows. Four blocks became a pillow top and a few of the fun prairie points poke out of the pillow edge.

And still I had fabric left, how lucky was I? Not enough to make more of the same design, another break.  I had the opportunity to once again think in a new direction.  What new design would work with my serged strips?

I decided to crosscut the strips into bars, various widths to add variety. What fabric could be added between?  Perhaps a crisp white for a sharp, fresh look. This seemed to be working.

Yes, indeed, I was more than pleased with my Serged Bar Pillows. They are, without a doubt, my new favorite especially when I add my "Thirteen's a Charm" pillow.

And, with that addition, the pile got just too high and my pillow world came tumbling down.


  1. Love all the bright colours , keep showing--cottonreel

  2. TIMBER! Great action shot of all the tumbling pillows. I especially love the heart shaped crazy quilt pillow I own - a Sharon Rotz original. What a blessing. Thanks for all the pillowy fun. Chris

  3. Of course, I planned the action shot or.........maybe, the truth be told, it happened just as I was shooting my biggest pillow pile ever. Even I was amazed at how many pillows I had once I started grouping them together. My favorite, each one in its place!


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