Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who Knew?

Who knew a quilt was hiding in this box of fabric bits and pieces?

The first thing that I found was this piece of decorator fabric that was big enough for a quilt back (well almost)

After further search, I found a pink that blended and then a stripe and a print or two and my quilt top grew. It seemed every orange and plum wanted to be part of the quilt and I liked the way the solids and more graphic fabrics played against the traditional floral on the back. 

This color combination reminds me of sherbet. Why do I think of nothing but food, ice cream treats, at least?

The quilt top is just the right size and I had just the right amount of fabric. Yes, once again God has provided me with exactly what I needed. (Including a coordinating floral to complete the back.)

The elephant print was the perfect fit for the last bit I needed. Don't you love the playful touch this adds?

Do you have quilts hiding in your house?  What will you find today?

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