Friday, January 11, 2013

"Stringing Along" Exhibit

You are invited to an upcoming exhibit and lectures
at the WOWSPACE 
in downtown Wittenberg, WI


The Walls of Wittenberg is pleased to present “Stringing Along,” the fourth annual quilt show, featuring the work of the Milwaukee Art Quilters and Sharon Rotz, Mosinee. The show opens Saturday, January 19, 11am-3pm, and continues Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am-3pm, through February 10 at the WOWSPACE, 114 Vinal Street, downtown Wittenberg. Free Admission.

MARQ’s “Connecting Thread: A Line of Design” was the 2010 winner of the Ultimate Guild Challenge in Knoxville, TN. The challenge had exacting standards. Each quilt is 36 inches square and a string of red cording must run through each quilt, exiting or entering the piece either 12 inches from the top or bottom, ultimately connecting all the quilts when displayed. Of the quilts on display, the work of eight artists was chosen to go on to Knoxville: Terri Kirchner, Cecelia Rotter, Nancy Linz, Roberta Williams, Kasia, Jane Wolton, Nancy Kimpel and Linda Reuss Benson.

The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MARQ) was organized in 1992 to exchange information about contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibitions and competitions and to share artistic critiques of one another’s work. More than 40 members from various backgrounds come together to advance their work as quilt artists.  To quote MARQ, “Art quilts are part of the fiber art field of highly collectible artwork. They are meant to hang on the wall like an oil or watercolor painting. The quilted surface brings a dimensional depth to the artwork that paint alone cannot.”

To continue the theme of “strings,” Sharon Rotz, Mosinee presents her collection of “String Quilts.”  Strings are those leftover bits of fabric that could have been thrown out; however, thrifty quilters make use of even their smallest bits of fabric. These strips of fabric are sewn together to cover a foundation, cut into shapes and used in quilting patterns.  Sharon has used her stash of “strings’ to add spontaneous color and pattern to her contemporary art quilts. Not made for utilitarian purposes but for the joy of the viewer, Sharon’s quilts delight the eye.

Visitors to the WOWSPACE are familiar with the award winning work of Sharon Rotz. She has successfully competed in national and state competitions; her work as a commissioned textile artist is displayed in private collections and public venues; she writes quilting books, creates quilting patterns and has more than 20 years experience conducting workshops or giving lectures to quilt guilds and others.

A boutique of books, patterns and smaller quilted pieces allows the visitor to purchase an addition for their own quilt collection.

Sharon Rotz, Mosinee, will discuss “Diet Quilts” on Saturday, January 26, 1 PM, Wittenberg Community Center, 208 Vinal Street. Door Prizes! Suggested donation is $5.

Chris Lynn Kirsch, Watertown, will present “Quilt Tales,” on Sunday, February, 10 1 PM, Wittenberg Community Center, 208 Vinal Street. Door Prizes! Suggested donation is $5.

Don’t miss these opportunities to see some exquisite quilts and learn from 2 expert quilters.

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