Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is Your Brain Frozen?

(If your body is also frozen then it's probably a good time to cover up with your quilts and get out of those sub-zero temperatures.)

But, if your brain freeze is due to a creativity block, then it's a perfect day to tame your scraps.

There are days when I want to be in the studio but my latest project has me stumped. These are the times that I dig into my stash. Maybe I just want to feel fabric. (This is justified when you are a quilter.)

The odd shaped sizes of some of my fabrics leaves much to be desired and they are often just shifted back and forth from pile to pile. I've found if I trim these scraps into squares, they find their way into new projects.

After I have collected a good number of like-size pieces, I can easily stitches these squares together on another day (a day when I just want to sew and sew).

I can use these squares to make blocks for creative quilts or they may become a utilitarian quilt that I can share to keep someone warm on a cold winter night.

How are you feeling today? Creative or not?

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