Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Save It or Trash It???

Thanks for all of your comments on my last blog. 
I hope you are all happy because you hung guilt over my head and made me do it. 

Today, I dug into my studio waste basket and pulled out that last remaining bit left from my fabric packs. (I don't empty the trash daily, obviously, and  I don't put other things in my waste basket -- only sewing scraps.)

And now the debate is on............ 

Should I save it (and use it) or am I crazy and this tiny bit of fabric should go back into the trash?

What would you do with it?

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Use it on the back or on the label! Applique a flower pot in front of one of the houses.

    I know what your going through. I now have a very hard time throwing out scraps since using Bonnie K Hunter scrap system. I have made so many things with the scraps I would have thrown away that I hardly have to use my stash for little things. I been using stuff smaller than 1.5 inches as string blocks or filling in throw pillows or even Alzheimer Art Quilts. Quite often I take the scraps from the current project and build a background for my AAQI mini quilt. 9 x 12 inches is not very big. Sometimes end up with 2 backgrounds. I hang them on my design wall and figure out what I can make for next month with them. Most of the quilts that have sold well for AAQI are made with those crazy backgrounds.

    Aileen in Florida


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